Website for a French company Gauloises. Includes integrated content management. Interactive application for branding your own packet of cigarettes from users.


Banner on the website and for the mobile version ot the website New microsite. Advertising materials. 

Nestle Waters

Intranet website for the headquarters of Nestle Waters, by which they share selected materials, brochures, photographs, videos , information about brands Perrier, Vittel, Contrex, Hepar with their...


The company's website Davidoff is with brand new web design. Gladly we accepted the challenge to reconstruct the design. The vision is new, clean , modern and cooler than ever before.


Corporate website Intersnak Bulgaria "Ltd., part of the" Intersnak Group "- one of the leading German companies in the European snack market.


Onea is the first French waste management company to have become aware of the imminent danger of the heavy metals found in cables buried underground for the last 120 years.


The project was created in 2013 for the company Chio. Chio is the first brand on the Bulgarian market chips, which to this day retains its popularity.

Toyota Verso S

We created a flash header that contains the menu. Also had to create a few flash banners, which were supposed to be in several formats and sizes.

Vision Beach Tennis App

The Vision Mobile Application is designed for Vison Italia - preparing the company for beach tennis rackets and equipment for beach tennis (

4 in line

The popular game where you have to outsmart your opponent so you can put 4 consecutive chips. You can play on the iPhone and iPad.


This app will upload the Swiss coaster Floomzer, which will guide you through the Alps. Using landscape of mountains. Floomzer combines both fun downhill and neupisuemi beauty of the Alps.


AdPedia is an online encyclopedia for any kind of advertising, based in Switzerland.

ZiBob Racing

You will embark on a riotous adventure with this game in which you take control of the sled and embark on a race in the snowy mountains of the Alps.

Piggy Race

Funny and crazy competition with pigs. The game was made with the aim of promoting an annual competition with pigs on the farm Olma in Switzerland.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a game for two players. It can be played with the computer or with another friend. It is a household name game and it is funny and entertaining.Furthermore, it is eligible for every age.

Atomic Wave

Creation of the visual identity of Atomic Wave, a bulgarian distribution company – part of the Greek company MAASTER SA. The letters "A" and "W" on the logo stands for Atomic Wave.



Creation of the visual identity of Krachun, an online store for shoes. Made in 2012.Krachun is the Bulgarian specialist small and large size shoe online store for women and men.The image of small and big shoes perfectly match the personality of the website.


eLab Design

Creation of the visual identity of eLab Design, a company dedicated to web development and design. The letters "elab" stands for elaboration. To eLab Design purple represents imagination and innovation.


Beach Tennis Bulgaria

Creation of the visual identity of sport Club "Beach Tennis Bulgaria", non government organization that promote beach tennis as a sport. The logo represents this great summer sport under the images of the wave, beach and ball. The color scheme is blue, yellow and green. All in the spirit of the beach tennis.



Creation of the visual identity of Grona, a household company. The image of a pig as a jar represent the household ability to deal with savings and costs of yours business.



Creation of the visual identity of Vesmard, office building providing office space for rent. The letter “v” and “m” stands for Vesmard. The blue color of the logo represent the sky reflection on the glass that covers most of the building.


Beach Tennis

Creation of the visual identity of Beach Tennis an online store for rackets, equipment and accessories for beach tennis. The color scheme is blue and yellow in the spirit of the sport.The image of the ball represents the idea of playing beach tennis.