eLab Design Portfolio 4 in line Mobile

The popular game where you have to outsmart your opponent so you can put 4 consecutive chips. You can play on the iPhone and iPad. You can test your strength against the artificial intelligence or against a friend. The design is nice and intuitive, so that you will fall in love with the game.

In competition with many similar apps in the AppStore, we had to impress with visuals and gripping design. Another aspect in which we force it was artificial intelligence, to have different levels of difficulty so that everyone can play and enjoy the game.
The first step was to create inspiring and nice design, with which we could remark proudly, that it looks nice and memorable. For a game with artificial intelligence we have paid special attention. We used a complex mathematical calculations in order to have the available difficulty levels that can meet the challenge.

Other projects

Vision Beach Tennis App

The Vision Mobile Application is designed for Vison Italia - preparing the company for beach tennis rackets and equipment for beach tennis (http://www.visionitalia.net...


This app will upload the Swiss coaster Floomzer, which will guide you through the Alps. Using landscape of mountains. Floomzer combines both fun downhill and neupisuemi beauty of the Alps.


AdPedia is an online encyclopedia for any kind of advertising, based in Switzerland.

ZiBob Racing

You will embark on a riotous adventure with this game in which you take control of the sled and embark on a race in the snowy mountains of the Alps.