eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Project Floomzer
eLab Design Portfolio Floomzer Mobile

This app will upload the Swiss coaster Floomzer, which will guide you through the Alps. Using landscape of mountains. Floomzer combines both fun downhill and neupisuemi beauty of the Alps. The game recreates the full original track and feeling of descent. The game added diamonds, ghosts and trolls to collect or avoid. After the descent you will see distorted faces that you've done during the descent . Also separately, you can play with your face shapes and what expressions can do. Speedometer- and will detect the speed at which you are currently taking , whether you are walking or in a car. Will surely Int great with Floomzer App and all its wonderful benefits.

This mobile application is faced with many challenges. The first was to recreate as close rollercoaster track nature while to put the additional elements ( diamonds , ghosts and trolls ) . All this had to comply with the possibilities offered by the iPhone and iPad. Another aspect was the issue of the distorted images that had to be made so that interactive dynamically with each picture. The difficulty comes from the fact that I had to look as realistic as possible, so that each person can get different facial expressions and all have fun .
Of course and in this case we used the power of Unity 3D, which allow us to concentrate their forces to create a realistic environment and train . We created our algorithm on complex mathematical algorithms to create and generate the rails and all the elements of it. It allowed us to create the most realistic track while enough optimized to fit in the hardware limitations of the iPhone and iPad. Studied very carefully what is the best method for face detection , it had to be fast and accurate enough . Then we found a way to make network that adapts to the face that responds correctly to facial movements. Using it we were able to reliably recreate facial expressions of a person.

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