eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web
eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web
eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web
eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web
eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web
Globus Estate
eLab Design Portfolio Globus Estate Web

The website is an enterprise portal agency for Real Globus Estate. The website has an option to easily and quickly search for properties by specific criteria among all offers. The website is translated and available in three languages​​: Bulgarian, English and Russian. Intuitive system for content management, which allows a detailed description of each of the offers on the website. The system allows the creation of brokerage accounts with a certain level of access for editing and adding offers. Offer page gives complete information about the desired property without clutter web design and is also saturated with SEO keywords. In the world of real estate is very important to protect the information and the ability for it to be unique to the agency, we have tried everything on the site can be difficult to copy and distribute .

Very interesting project website for real estate. The website needed an easy and convenient search engine through which users can easily find the real estate. It was important to create intuitive content management to be able to save time in the daily insertion of offers. The web design had to be catchy and relaxing. Reviewing the bids had to be quickly and without unnecessary recharges, for the user to feel comfortable in the website.
The website is built entirely on Drupal. The system allows us to create a website quickly and efficiently. The website search is through search engine works with combined filters. Uses a number of technologies and techniques - Consideration of PDF-directly on the website. The website is fully cached for anonymous users, which delivers high speed charging.

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