eLab Design Portfolio Vesmard Web

Corporate website of the business center Vesmard. The site can be found detailed information about the company building. Each floor has its own specific structure, which determines its operating area. You can learn about it on the site and choose a convenient place for your business. Website is highly optimized for web search engines, such as holding leading positions for many keywords. Includes a system for content management.

The main goal was to build a website with easy access to information about the business center Vesmard. Requirements were minimalistic design, SEO optimization and good structure. Easy and convenient service that allows editing of all content.
Drupal is the system used to build the website. We paid special attention to the structure and keywords.

Other projects


Website for a French company Gauloises. Includes integrated content management. Interactive application for branding your own packet of cigarettes from users.


Banner on the website and for the mobile version ot the website New microsite. Advertising materials. 

Nestle Waters

Intranet website for the headquarters of Nestle Waters, by which they share selected materials, brochures, photographs, videos , information about brands Perrier, Vittel, Contrex, Hepar with their...


The company's website Davidoff is with brand new web design. Gladly we accepted the challenge to reconstruct the design. The vision is new, clean , modern and cooler than ever before.