Branding and web strategy

A brand is the proprietary is a visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image that helps the user to associate a service, company or product. The brand is not just a logo, advertising campaign or slogan. Any known brand is a product of the experience of people who are behind it, who created, developed and enforced. Brand strategy is the path which has been drawn to achieve a better awareness of the brand to achieve better results for your business. Strategy nowadays necessarily incorporates, logo design, web design, web site and internet marketing.

Jeff Bezos: "A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. "

eLab Design Services Branding and web strategy

Brand name and brand strategy

The brand is not just an important component of the business. The brand is business. Experience of your company, formed relationship between you and the customer is the number one driving force for success. We are here to help you. eLab Design builds brands foundations, creating a striking, recognizable logo design. We will create for you reliable character and style of your brand, which will be distributed to all circles of life - business, cards, brochures. The design of your logo is the foundation of successful Internet marketing, then the foundation of a good web design, mobile application or all of the above. We at eLab Design will carefully select a name of your domain to produce your website from the base.

“Words have meaning, and names have power”


eLab Design Services Brand name and brand strategy

Digital strategy

Your first step is the most important in terms of digital strategy. In the development of brand strategy you want to achieve longevity of your brand and address directly to your customers that your brand offers the best opportunity. Whether it is an electronic brand, offline branding, or simply need strategies to product packagin, we can help. Let us use proven methods to develop your brand. Through cooperation with designers , specialists in web design, usability specialists , marketing professionals , editors and specialists in SEO optimization, we will apply their experience to the growth of your brand. The end resul: a targeted strategy for your brand , through a modern approach and a combination of traditional marketing techniques with digital technology . Branding is much more than your public image. This is your main engine to power your business. Identities to transform your organization into your main urazhie . eLab Design offers a wide range of talented professionals and will take care of all digital initiatives for branding.

eLab Design Services Digital strategy

New Media Consulting

Due to the rapid development of digital exchange of information and software on the market, it is important to choose a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Often, the skills and knowledge required for successful digital project are not sufficient and it is here is where the experience and proper analysis. ELab Design team as experts can help you avoid errors and achieve a return on their investment much faster. Whether you are interested in expanding the existing website a new web design, internet shop, internet campaign, or have an idea for a mobile application we will help you to make the right decisions. Usability analysis of the position of the screen, content analysis, creating long-term Internet strategy, or just have questions regarding best practices, we can help.

Donald Rumsfeld: "Test ideas in the marketplace. You learn from hearing a range of perspectives. Consultation helps engender the support decisions need to be successfully implemented. "

eLab Design Services New Media Consulting

Creativity and web design

Team creativity of eLab Design is a permanent condition tends to generate and implement good ideas, bold alternatives or new features that are useful in solving problems for our customers, communicating with colleagues and friends, and fun of our own ego. Creative web design, brand slogan or web campaign is a challenge but also calling on our team.


Edwin Land: "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."

eLab Design Services Creativity and web design

Logo design

A brand isn't just an important component of business. A brand IS business. The experience of your company, the relationship formed between you and a customer, is the number one driving force for success. We're here to help. eLab Design builds brands from the bottom up, creating a striking, recognizable logo, crafting a personality, and building a trustworthy character that carries across all mediums-from business cards to brochures.

 “Words have meaning, and names have power”

eLab Design Services Logo design

Web Design

Your website design is your presence on the Internet and how you present and promote your company and professionalism, web design transmits everything to make the best first impression to consumers ( clients and outgoing partner ) . On the basis of the first impression users in just a few seconds assess your professionalism and quality. Good impressions of the web design of your website makes your customers and partners to do business with you exactly . We eLab Design know how to make just such a web design and are proud of the skills of our web designers and their ability to build extremely friendly Wen design sites. This makes our customers coming back again and again and again. Brilliant web design is the key to success , and often becomes a powerful impetus that propels our clients succeed. Web design brings the whole wide range options: web design for corporate websites , web design flash site, design mobile sites , etc. . We do web design is the foundation of the brand as well as develop and use the best artistic sense to remember your measures. Web design made ​​by eLab Design will change the life of your company, and how you do business.

Frank Chimero : "Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs."


eLab Design Services Web Design

Interface design

Ability to do the design for the user is leading in the production of deskstop design , online stores , mobile applications, software applications and websites. We focus on the user experience and interaction with design by offering:


  • Interface design for mobile applications and software.
  • Interface design for mobile websites
  • Interface design for mobile and deskstop games.
  • Interface design for software and software solutions.


Our objective in the development of the design of the user interface is to make user interaction as possible the efficient and simpler , faster and more intuitive. Good user interface design facilitates and leads the user's eye without drawing undue attention to itself. In the design process we balance between technical functionality and visual elements to achieve maximum impact for your business. In eLab Design we are proud designers and engineers experts in creating user interface design , whether it is software , web design or design of a mobile application.

  Jef Raskin: "An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs and considerate of human frailties."

eLab Design Services Interface design

Video production, video and 3D graphics

Looking for a unique solution in addition to your web site? Create high- quality video on the Web site is your solution . We create high quality promotional videos for websites and video sharing in large video networks such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Our team sasredotochva exclusively in video website design and web development for the most popular video sharing scripts of the moment. Take a tube website designed to quickly and professionally. Our services include:

  • Filming , post production and publication of advertisements .
  • Casting , directing and producing promotional videos.
  • Special Effects , Green Box and CGI
  • 3D animations for video , hats and ingredients.
  • 3D Web Design .
  • Styling of a series of videos.
  • Parsed and maintenance of videos on Youtube and Vimeo

We strongly believe that our extensive experience in various software technologies is nasha klyuchova power that is unmatched by many of our competitors. Our knowledge and experience allows us the flexibility to offer more solutions than most other web design companies . Whether you need a website pretentious video or would like to share their videos in Social Media we have a reliable solution for you.

eLab Design Services Video production, video and 3D graphics


A picture says a thousand words. Notice it says, "a picture"; not, "a good picture". The photos that you use on your marketing material and on the web need to exude the professionalism that you are trying everyday to present to your customers. Our professional  photography services cover all grounds product shots:

  • Stock photography
  • Product photography
  • Interior photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Image photography

Great photography moves product. Not only does displaying the effectiveness and look of your company and offerings inspire trust, but representing you in a positive way helps make customers for life.

eLab Design Services Photography

Content marketing

The rule of marketing is not important what you say, it's how you say it ! Copywriting for marketing purposes and for websites is a service that incorporates ways to increase sales and win new customers. Copywriting for the web site is a powerful way to use words for your business to give a sense of professionalism.
We offer you:

  • Complete drafting for your website .
  • Edit existing content on your web site.
  • Development of a concept for internet advertising campaigns.
  • Texts for E -mail Marketing

Writing tcontent for websites is required as an integral part of any successful sales strategy . Make sure that your web content are crafted to provide maximum information to consumers and will withstand the test of time.

Social Media: The focus in online space is one of the most effective strategies to cost. Our Social Media SEO services include regular updates on your Twitter and Facebook, but in case you do not have these Social Media sites, we will create them for you. We also do regular updates for your corporate blog, you can increase your confidence in your company, service or product.

eLab Design Services Content marketing

Website development

We carefully distinction to achieve the best balance between functional website and beautiful design of the website. Our web development team have the know-how to make purposeful, understandable and easy to build a website that brings value for years to come. If you want your website to be fast, intelligent platform that loads quickly or perform services as a wiki or modular portfolio that easily update the content, you can trust us. We can handle it all - from small business to enterprise environments. Beyond the beautifully constructed sites and professional web design, we work with you from the beginning to really give you what you want. We make smart websites to work for our clients for years. Our capabilities include copywriting for websites, SEO search engine optimization, the development of e-commerce to build for you your new website to maximum potential.

eLab Design Services Website development

Mobile application development

Mobile technology for production of mobile applications is an important and very important element of any modern marketing strategy. eLab Design develops mobile applications for:

  • Android
  • IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Windows mobile

Your customers will be able to download and install your application to get to your message in a fun and interactive way. From the planning, design and development we will comply with your unique style. We will create a mobile application so that it can be easy to use, while at the same time remain true to your brand.
Your application may be mobile business application, game mobile phone application that uses geolocation, QR code or the camera on the mobile phone, we will offer you a unique concept for your mobile application.
We develop more, 3D mobile games and applications, through unique and innovative technologies that have a unique way of presenting your brand or product.

eLab Design Services Mobile application development

Systems for content management

Choosing a content management system (CMS), that is designed with you in mind is what we do. You're a busy person. We understand . With technical know- how, we can create and develop a user-friendly system so you can add, edit or delete content on your own website, manage administrators and directly create or remove pages from small business to enterprise level system. This translates into a simplified way to change content on the fly, update portfolios and change the online list nary a few keystrokes. Changing the content, even if you have no way of programming experience. Whenever you want. Easy. We custom - craft and design CMS design using industry-standard programming languages ​​PHP and MySQL. This software is portable, so it can be deployed in an open source or commercial environments. Will soon benefit from the new ability to quickly manage public calendars, updating blogs , and publish your own news forums. All with the simplicity of a point and click interface.

eLab Design Services Systems for content management

E-commerce solutions

It's a fact: online sales are becoming more important to the any-size business. We set up professional software solutions that allow you to buy and sell products or services over the Internet, through your shopping website, in a safe environment. Security measures include authenticating business transactions, controlling access to Web pages for registered users, and encrypting communications. E-Commerce web design is also a powerful tool for you to gather data about prospects and customers through site registration, questionnaires, and as part of taking orders.

We'll work with you from the very beginning. Elab Design takes a strong "client-first" philosophy-our professional web developers and graphic artists start with your goals and objectives, and builds you a platform that's the perfect fit for your industry. Let us help you get started.

eLab Design Services E-commerce solutions

Website Maintenance

Whether you use the convenience of a content management system (CMS) for providing regular updates to your website or are planning on running an ecommerce portal from your new online presence, eLabDesign can set up maintenance service programs designed to make your life easier. Our individualized programs and services are built to require a minimum of interaction from your end, so your website will be just as efficient down the road as the day you launched.

To deliver the utmost and beyond on our service promise, our website maintenance programs involve monthly website updates. Keeping dynamic content on your page engages customers and enhances favorable rankings on search engines such as Google. Part of these regular updates includes new blog entries, and updating your website whenever you launch a new product or service.

eLab Design Services Website Maintenance

Hosting solution

ELab Design can provide you affordable domain registration, hosting, and website maintenance.

eLab Design Services Hosting solution

Digital marketing

We live in a new era of digital advertising and the Internet provides wide opportunities and effective methods of web advertising on a small portion that can provide print and media channels. In eLab Design we are committed to an effective overall strategy before proceeding to the construction of your website. We will do case studies of the Internet industry know-how and web based solutions to make your brand well represented online. We will build internet marketing strategies to increase performance of your organization. Innovative digital packages including social media marketing, maintenance and search engine optimization (SEO) put us on the map as an innovator at the same time help your company succeed.

eLab Design Services Digital marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)

In the world of the Web, the search engine is king. Sites like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Search are your main tool for drawing the casual and serious net-surfer alike to your site. That's why we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of search marketing available, and we leverage this opportunity by using our knowledge of ever-changing search engine algorithms and how their robots operate. The end result is more online visibility for your site and a gain in the rankings of major search engines. Our search engine optimization management services are 100% white hat and ethical always following search engine guidelines and are proven to work over time.

eLab Design Services Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social media marketing

Bolster your company online social presence with powerful full service social media marketing services or strategy consulting from eLabDesign. We'll help set up and maintain your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook-boosting your rankings in search engines like Google. Social Media Marketing provides an active method to attract new customers by connecting with one of the fastest-growing communication mediums in America today.Not only do we employ targeted social media marketing content that fits your industry, our posts and creative writing is unique to your business or organization. Content is generated with as much or as little input from your company as is comfortable for you, and from there we actively promote these social media outlets for maximum effect with a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

eLab Design Services Social media marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great, cost-effective way to connect with new customers. Bulk email solutions go out to pre-qualified leads in your area and target demographic, raising your odds for a successful campaign. The writing professionals at eLabDesign will help create and refine your message to improve conversions per batch and raise the professionalism of your brand as a whole.Our approach to email marketing starts with a message. We'll sit down and learn from you directly exactly what it is you have to say-your value add and key differentiators. From there, we'll decide on how best to state your brand, and build it into a tight, cohesive package that includes outstanding copywriting and custom email design work. We'll also source leads directly based on your target demographic, and get your message out-bringing more customers in. 

eLab Design Services Email Marketing

Mobile App application

Mobile application technology is an important, essential element of any modern marketing strategy. eLabDesign develops customized mobile applications for Android and iPhone that your customers will want to download and install-spreading your message in a fun, interactive way while remaining cost effective.

eLab Design Services Mobile App application

Internet marketing strategies

It's a bold new era for digital advertising, and the Internet has made available widespread, effective methods of web based advertising for a fraction of a cost that print or media channels could provide. eLabDesign backs our commitment to one-on-one interaction by sitting down with you and developing & planning an effective comprehensive strategy even before the very first purchase is made. We'll leverage targeted internet research, industry know-how, and sparkling web based creative energy to bring your brand to life in the online space.From full consulting to creative brainstorming, we'll build out internet marketing strategies to last the life of your organization. Innovative digital packages including social media marketing maintenance and search engine optimization (SEO) put us on the map as an innovator and a value-added provided to help your company succeed.

eLab Design Services Internet marketing strategies